Welcome to Leicester Road School.  


We are a small suburban school based in the heart of Kensington, Johannesburg. Leicester Road School has continually held a top standard of education in the area for over 80 years, serving residents over many generations.

We endeavor to uphold the standard and ethos set by the previous principals of Leicester Road School, and believe it is our duty to serve the school to the best of our ability.

Feel free to browse the website for more information, or visit the school to see how we run on a day to day basis.


Yours in Education,

Leicester Road School

Senior Management Team

  • Mr Frank Braun: 1938 – 1974

  • Mr Brownlee: 1975 – 1980

  • Mr A. Johnston: 1982 – 2007

  • Mrs R Abrahams: 2008 – 2015

  • Mr H Spaarwater 2017 – 2021


We, the learners, educators and parents of Leicester Road School share together a love and respect for the special qualities of our school.  These are: 


LRS is a caring community

We strive for the best for each other.  We aim to make LRS a secure, happy, warm and welcoming place for children and adults, by taking time to listen to each other, and by respecting each individual and expressing this through courtesy, integrity and tolerance. We do our best to avoid abuse of any kind and encourage each other to be honest and helpful towards others. We value good sportsmanship in which we strive to win, but never regard those who do not win as losers.  Everyone has a valued place at LRS. LRS has a strong tradition of active and supportive parental involvement in all aspects of the school’s life. The LRS spirit flows from a special type of leadership which points the way by example. This happens when those who lead go out of their way to help each person to meet the required standards.  Educators, parents and School Leaders try to support each other in applying a firm code of discipline.  Our rules are intended to develop the self-discipline which reduces the need for punishment and enhances self-respect. 


LRS is a learning community

We strive for the best academically.  Our staff is committed to excellence in teaching and administration.  Our parents are committed to support this by encouraging their children to enjoy learning, and by paying school fees and working to provide excellent facilities at school.  Our learners are challenged and stimulated to extend themselves to the utmost of their ability.  Nothing will be allowed to compromise this commitment to each person achieving his or her best academically. Learning happens outside the classroom too.  Parents, educators and learners work as a team to use everyone’s talents in the extramural programme.  


LRS is part of a wider community

We strive for the best for our country.  We try to prepare our learners to enter a rapidly changing South Africa equipped as citizens to make a positive contribution and to realize personal fulfillment. LRS is committed to the values of democracy and fair play.  We seek to acknowledge the best in each of the diverse traditions which make up the community from which we are drawn.  LRS encourages an attitude of goodwill and respect to all people irrespective of their culture, nationality, race or religion. The LRS community is encouraged to share with those who are less privileged. LRS teaches its learners to respect and care for the physical environment.  


Uplifting our local communities

LRS’s ongoing social outreach and charity initiatives promote compassion and gratitude and enable our learners to become more mindful of the world around them. Learners are encouraged to contribute in many ways: through fundraising events, food drives and a weekly feeding scheme. 


The school itself is also committed to uplifting and empowering nearby schools in need through mentoring and skills sharing programmes. 

  • Create a warm and supportive climate where every learner’s positive self-image is ensured, where he/she is made to feel welcome, and where he/she belongs to the school community.

  • Challenge each learner to extend him/herself to the utmost of his/her potential in every aspect of the educational programme which he/she encounters.

  • Prepare each learner towards entering into a rapidly changing South Africa where he/she will be able to make a meaningful contribution and realize personal fulfilment.

  • Have each learner experience schooling that is demanding, stimulating, personally enriching and enjoyable.

  • Foster and develop values of courtesy, integrity, perseverance, tolerance and self-discipline.

  • Encourage an attitudinal disposition of goodwill and respect towards others, irrespective of their culture, nationality, race or religion. 


Our Leicester Road School teaching staff are a well balanced team. Educators with more than 30 years experience are complemented by young dynamic teachers and are backed by a strong management team made up of staff members who are dedicated and committed to excellence.


Our admin and support staff are the superstar team who work diligently in the background to make sure every interaction  is a professional one.

Download our 2019 staff list, here

2018 Staff Photo, 2019 soon to come.

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