Kindly read the information below to ensure you are prepared for the Admissions period. Please take note that the school does not determine dates.

LRS ADMISSIONS - 2022 ( Grade R Learners )

The following documentation MUST accompany your application and all copies must be certified copies of the originals. 

(Please ensure the date is on the Commissioner of Oath’s stamp):

  • Unabridged Birth Certificate

  • Clinic Card

  • Identity Document of Biological Mother/Father/Legal Guardian

  • Non-SA Citizens must provide Official Valid Permits & Passports

  • Verified Proof of Residence (dated within the past 3 months)

  • School Fee Clearance Certificate

  • 2 x colour ID photos of the child

  • Latest School Report (Grade R to 7)

  • Transfer Card upon acceptance (Grade 1 to 7)

Supporting documents may change - a final list is printed on the application form available during the registration period from

the school office.

For more information please email:

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GRADE 1 REGISTRATION (Current Gr R learners)

The Grade 1 registration process is a very detailed one that is run by the Gauteng Department of Education (GDE).


The GDE runs the Gauteng Online Registration system that controls all applications in the province.

In an attempt to make this process run as smoothly as possible, we ask that parents applying for Grade 1 adhere to all dates and instructions with great care and precision. 

Once the online system goes live, please take note that ALL details need to be entered onto the system correctly, and ALL fields MUST be filled out in order to process your application effectively.

The GDE works on a first come, first served basis. We cannot guarantee placement in Grade 1 to ANY child regardless of being in Grade R at LRS or not. We can only assist you in the process, and will keep you updated with any information from the GDE.


Please ensure you follow the instructions relevant to EACH child you are applying for/enrolling in Leicester Road School. Leicester Road School WILL NOT be held responsible for instructions from both the GDE (Gauteng Department of Education) and the school not followed regarding the applications or re-enrolment process. ALL fields on ALL written and electronic forms need to be filled out unless otherwise stated.


ALL applications for Grade 1 MUST be done ONLINE at Any entries made before this time will be deleted off the system.


Application forms will be available for collection from the school - these must be filled in over and above the on-line application.


Once you have registered online, you will be issued a WAITING LIST NUMBER. You will need to include this number with your application form. No applications will be accepted without this number. The application form will also include a list of documents that will need to be attached to your full application.


You will be advised as to the dates applications may be returned to the school.  Forms will not be accepted before stipulated dates.


PLEASE TAKE NOTE THAT handing in an application or being a current Grade R learner does NOT secure your child a space in Grade 1. This MUST be done by you online.

We will try our best to accommodate all families interested in attending Leicester Road School, but due to high demand we are dependent on the GDE to make the final decision. We will, however, assist where we can in the process.


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Admissions for Grade R Learners for 2022

GRADE 2 - 7 (New learners)

Application forms will be available for collection from the school admissions office.


Grade 1 – 7 Applications

Application forms for enrollment will be available from the school office from BETWEEN 08h00 & 14h00 ONLY.

To request more information on applications to LRS:

Tel : 011 615 7328/9

Fax: 086 538 2837